Friday, November 30

Tutorial: Christmas Framed Fabric Art

It's the last day of November and I'm celebrating the Christmas season by making adorable holiday decorations for our new home!!  I've been using those awesome Tulip Shimmer Sheets & Paints I received a couple weeks ago and I'm loving them!!  If you missed the haul video, you can check it out HERE.

I haven't used fabric paints for over 15 years so I was so excited when I received the Tulip Shimmer Sheets & Paints!!  Unfortunately, I'm not a very "fashion forward" kind of person so I knew clothes and even shoes were out of the question.  With Christmas fast approaching, I decided to make some holiday decorations!!

Today I'm going to share how I made these super cute framed fabric-painted decorations for our new home!!

I found this clip art image online and was instantly inspired!!  I love how these ornaments are kind of "wonky" and not perfect!!

Even though the tutorial is long, this project is really easy and actually pretty quick to make!! Trust me, you're going to love this project and you should definitely give it a try!!

Here we go....

Unfinished Wood Frame(s)
Chipboard or Grey-board
Canvas Fabric
Fabric or Tacky Glue
Cardstock (or Paper)
Pattern (optional)
Craft Knife (or scissors)
Paint Brush(es)
Foam Pouncing Sponge
Tulip Fashion Glitter & Bond adhesive
Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets
Tulip Fashion Fabric Markers
Tulip Metallics Dimensional Fabric Paint
Acrylic Paints
Sealant or Decoupage Medium


Trace the back-piece from the frame onto a piece of chipboard (or grey-board from a cereal box) and cut it out.

Trace the frame's back-piece onto the wrong side of your canvas fabric and then cut it out too.

Using your fabric or tacky glue, attach the canvas piece to the chipboard piece.
Note: After gluing the canvas on the chipboard, it started to curl up a bit, so I just put it under a heavy book until it dried flat.


Click the photo above or click HERE for the shapes I used in this tutorial.
Either print the pattern or draw your own ornament shapes onto cardstock paper.

Using a craft knife, cut out the shape you want to use and tape it in place on your canvas background.

Pounce the Tulip Glitter Bond onto the canvas with your foam pouncing sponge.  Make sure you get sufficient coverage so your glitter will stick really well.

Sprinkle Tulip Fashion Glitter onto the canvas until you get a good layer covering the area.
Note: I left my paper on while adding the glitter because I didn't want a bunch of excess glitter getting all over my canvas fabric.  It worked well!!

Remove your cardstock paper template and tap the excess glitter onto a scrap piece of paper.  You can then add this glitter back to the bottle to use again later.


Cut out the template for the ornament topper.  Using a pen, trace it onto the back of the Tulip Shimmer Sheet and then carefully cut it out.

Place the ornament topper slightly above your glitter ornament shape.
(Thank you to Brook for being the hand model for this tutorial!! hehehehe)

Cover with a thin fabric (muslin worked great) and iron on a low heat setting.
Note: Don't iron over your glittered ornament shape.  I found that doing so changed the appearance of the glitter in the ironed spots.

Using a coordinating color Tulip Fabric Marker, draw a line around your glittered ornament shape.  I drew my line approximately 1/4"-1/3" away from the ornament shape.
For my red ornament I used a red fabric marker for the line so it would match the glittered section.  Also add a black loop to to the ornament topper.
Note: If you like the boldness of the fabric marker line, you can skip the next step.  However, I found that it took away from the impact of the actual ornament.

Lightly trace over the fabric marker lines with Tulip Metallics Dimensional Fabric Paint in White.  You should still be able to see the color of the fabric marker despite the layer of fabric paint.

Using a small paintbrush, add a thin layer of Tulip Metallics Dimensional Fabric Paint in White between the outside line and the glittered ornament shape.  I like this part because it makes it look like the ornament is shining!!


Mix together paint, water, & glitter in a small cup or bowl.  I used these proportions:
5 parts acrylic paint
1 part silver (or gold) acrylic paint
1-2 parts water
A few sprinkles of Tulip Fashion Glitter

After you mix the paint, water, & glitter really well, try a test spot on the back to make sure you're happy with mixture.
Paint the frame and let dry.  Once completely dry, seal using a wood sealant or decoupage medium and let dry again.


Add your painted canvas fabric to your frame and you're....


This was such a fun project and I really love how it turned out!!  My hubby is happy to have new Christmas decorations too!!

I found the Tulip Shimmer Sheets, Paints, & Glitter very easy to use so be sure to try them out yourself!!  Don't forget to visit them online...

If you want to see other projects using the Tulip Shimmer line of products, there's whole bunch of great tutorials at the end of this post!!  They're awesome and you're going to love the different ways people have used these supplies!!

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Tulip and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

Thanks for reading!! Until next time...

Thursday, November 29

Guest Post: Eliza K Prints

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!!  My hubby was super nice and cooked a mini Thanksgiving feast for the two of us!!  It was soooo yummy!!

Today I have a super special bloggy friend to introduce you to!!  Eliza has a great crafty blog, Eliza K Prints, where she shares craft tutorials as well as discusses other fun topics like gardening in the city!!

I should probably let her do the typing from here...

Eliza K Prints

Craft Tutorials * Gardening Projects * Sustainability

Hello Lisa's Craft Blog Readers! I'm so pleased Lisa let me share her corner of the internet today. I'm a craft blogger over at Eliza K Prints, a blog specializing in crafting sustainably without sacrificing beauty or functionality. I love to take items that are destined for the trash heap and turn them into something I can use in my home. Some of my favorite mediums are scrap paper, old food containers, and well loved books. I also blog about my urban gardening forays and have recently started a Top Ten series where I share my Top Tens in various categories (shows, books, etc).  

I love finding new blogs, hearing from readers and receiving feedback about projects I've done. I'd love it if you come and say hi!


 *Tutorials You'll Find On My Blog*

Tin Can Succulents        

 Cork Coasters       


Orange Peel Candle


*Upcoming Events*

I'm super excited to announce that Eliza K Prints will be throwing a giveaway starting Dec. 1st! Stop by to see a sneak preview and make sure to come back on the 1st to enter officially. I specifically chose Etsy shops with amazing handmade items that would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

I have also just begun accepting button swaps and sponsor ads. If you're interested, make sure to drop me a line!

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So as a recap, if you're interested in turning some of your trash into treasure, stop by and check out a few tutorials! I also would love to hear success stories from any of you who also craft sustainably. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and make sure to leave your blog address for me to checkout. And an extra special thank you to Lisa for allowing me to guest post today!


Thursday, November 15

Craft Haul: Tulip Shimmer Haul Video

Today, I'm super excited for a couple reasons!!  First of all, I received an awesome box of supplies from the super people over at Tulip and!!  Secondly, I made my very first Craft Haul video last night and I'm going to share it with you right now!!

You can be honest.  I'm a total dork, right?!?  Ha ha ha!!!

Aren't those Tulip supplies amazing!!  Below is a list of the goodies I received and I've linked each item to it's product page on!!

As I mentioned in the video, I'm going to be using these great supplies in a tutorial coming on Friday, Novemeber 30th!!  I may even decide to share 1-2 bonus Tulip Shimmer projects in the coming weeks!!

I'd love to know what you think of my first craft haul video!!  Please comment and let me know if I did okay, if I need to improve some things, and whether or not you want to see more videos!!

Thanks for reading (and watching)!!  Until next time...

Saturday, November 3

Tutorial: Marbled Paper

Yesterday Brook came over and we had an absolute blast making marbled paper!!  Today, I'm going share how we made our super neat paper!!


Cheap Shaving Cream
"Posh Rainbow Ink" (Food Coloring works too)
Old Cookie Sheet
White Paper or Cardstock
Stick, Pen, Paintbrush or Other Utensil
Lots of Paper Towels!!


Squirt a bunch of shaving cream onto your cookie sheet that is about the size of your paper and about as thick as your thumb.

Spread the shaving cream (just like cake icing) to make an even layer.


We used some Posh Rainbow Inks that I bought on clearance at Michael's months ago.  However, I've heard that food coloring works just as well!!

Squirt small droplets of ink (or food coloring) onto your shaving cream layer.
This takes some practice, but we found that just shaking the bottle and not squeezing it worked the best.

Add your various colors so you have a significant amount of ink on the shaving cream.


Drag your utensil (we used the wrong end of a pen) through the ink and down into the shaving cream and swirl the colors.  There are soooo many different patterns you can make!!


Lay your paper or cardstock face down and gently press it into the cream mixture.
Be sure the paper is completely pressed into the shaving cream because you don't want any blank spaces!!

Peel your paper (or cardstock) off of the mixture and set aside for about 10 minutes.
Press as many sheets of paper into the mixture until you don't have any cream left!!

Be sure to wait 10 minutes before moving onto this step!!  If you don't then you'll get smeared ink on your page and it'll be really messy!!

After the page has dried for about 10 minutes, take a paper towel and gently remove the excess cream mixture from the page.  
Brook found that wiping the page in one direction using even pressure worked best to remove the cream.


These are the first two pages made with this batch of inked cream...
Here's a close up of one of the pages...

These are the next 2 pages we made...

Isn't that awesome!! I can't emphasize how much fun we had making these marbled papers!!  I can't wait to find a cool project to use our pages on!!

Thanks for reading!!  Until next time...

Wednesday, October 31


Although it's Hallween and I should have some super awesome tutorial.  Unfortunately, with our big move I didn't even have a chance to do any fun Halloween crafts this year!!  *frown*

I do, however, have a brand new edition of WOYWW (What's on Your Work-desk Wednesday)!!  The twist is that I'm not showing you my desk or even a work station.  I'm showing off my new craft room...err...I future new craft room!!

My hubby & I moved into a new home this past week and I was able to claim and entire room for my crafts!!  I already have soooo many plans for this bare space and I can't wait to get started setting it up!!  Let's get to the new room...

That wall is going to be mostly storage.  I'm going to add another black shelving unit against the back wall and a different, more decorative shelving unit to the right of the current industrial shelves.

That's my little sewing table and funky stool that needs replacing.  You can also see the industrial shelves pretty well in this picture...they work great for me!!

This closet is going to store my Etsy shoppe inventory and will have 3 smaller shelving units inside.

So far, I know the layout and I'm pretty sure on the rooms color scheme...

I'd love to hear your ideas on how to decorate this crafty space!! 
Send me your ideas because I'm ready to get started!!

Thanks for reading!!  Until next time...

Saturday, October 27

A Tour of Our New House

What a crazy summer this has been!!  I don't know about you, but I simply cannot believe it's the end of October already!!  I had so many plans for great Halloween projects & tutorials and I'm totally bummed that they're going to have to wait until next year!!

The good news is that my hubby, my cat, and I have moved into a much bigger home!!  We decided to move to the base where my hubby works because the hour-long commute each way was taking it's toll on him.  Now we live about 10 minutes from his work!!  The down side is that we're only going to get to enjoy this house for about a year before it will be time for him to transfer again.

Here's a quick tour of the new home in it's current state...

This is standing just outside of the Foyer looking towards the front door.  There's not much here, but I figured I'd show it to you anyway.

This is our ridiculously long hallway!! It goes from the front door to the wall of the Master Bedroom at the back of the house.

This is a photo looking in from the Foyer.  As you can see our little dining room table is way too small for this room.
This shot is looking in from the Kitchen.  Those boxes are all kitchen items that need to be put into the cabinets, drawers, & pantry.

This view is looking into the Living Room from the Foyer.  

As many of you know, I'm disabled and spend 98% of my time in my home.  This will be the room where I spend my days working on my Etsy shoppe and blogging.
This photo was taken from the Hallway, right next to the Kitchen.

This is the left side of the kitchen and just so you know, this is giant compared to our old galley-style kitchen!!
This is the right side of the Kitchen looking towards the Breakfast Bar which looks into the Family Room.  Again, lots of boxes to be put away!!

 Looking through the Breakfast Bar area into the Family Room.
A photo from the Hallway looking towards the right side of the Family Room.
 Another angle which shows the left side of the Family Room and the Breakfast Bar.

Although it's not really a "room", I'm calling this area the Laundry Room!!  I think it has great potential!!

Although this is going to be a Spare Bedroom at some point, right now it's just a holding area for my craft supplies!!  Yes, those boxes are all craft supplies!!

This picture is looking in from the Hallway.  All of the items and boxes you see there are for my Etsy shoppe.
 Here's the big closet I get to stuff with craft supplies or Etsy shoppe inventory!!

This is Hubby's office.  Not much more to say about this room.

Sorry this photo is kind of blurry.  This is the last main room of the house.  I would've shown a couple different angles, but I wasn't sure if Hubby would want me showing our personal space in great detail!!

To us, this house is a mansion!!  We've never been so lucky to have a home this big!!  To put this in perspective for you, our last home was literally 1/2 the square footage of this house!!  We're so happy to be living here!!

From now on, I'm taking you along on this new journey...  You'll get to follow us as we unpack, organize, and eventually decorate this new home of ours!!  

I'm going to need your input and ideas at every turn because I've never been good at home decorating!!  If you've already come up with some ideas while looking at the photos, please comment below and share them!!  I need all of the help I can get!!

Thanks for reading!!  Until next time...


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