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Submitting a Guest Post to Lisa's Craft Blog

I'm currently accepting guest post submissions for publication for 2012.  Guest posting is a great (free) way to gain exposure and attract new readers to your blog.  After reading the information below, just send an e-mail to me at if you have any questions or would like to submit a guest post.

Post Topics
  • Tutorial: Write a complete tutorial of a craft project and include photos of the process if possible.  Please don't just submit a project that you've completed.
  • Blog Summary: Write a post about your craft blog featuring photos, snippets, and links from your most popular post(s).
  • Other: Tip lists or cheat sheets, project inspiration, and other kinds of posts are acceptable too.
  • Topic: Make sure your post is craft-related.
  • Word-count: There is a 300-word minimum and 800-word maximum for all guest posts, but posts that are approximately 500 words are preferred.
  • Bio/Promo: Please include a one paragraph bio with your post.  This paragraph can talk about you, your blog, or both.
  1. Send an e-mail to me at expressing interest in submitting a guest post.
  2. I will send a reply with additional details such as how to send me your completed post, image specifications, expected publication date, etc.
  3. After I receive your post, I will let you know the exact date it will appear on my blog.
  4. Once your post is published, please write a post on your blog telling your readers about your guest post on this blog.  Be sure to include a link to your guest post and maybe even a photo from your post if you'd like.

Requesting a Guest Post from me for your blog

Having someone guest post on your blog can add variety to your blog. Through the guest writer's link on their blog, it can also send new readers your way. After reading the information below, just send an e-mail to me at if you have any questions or would like me to write a guest post for your blog.
  1. Please e-mail me at at least two weeks before you need my post submitted so I have enough time to write a quality post and include good photos.
  2. Let me know if you're wanting a new tutorial, a re-written previous project, a blog summary, or something else.
  3. Be sure to include any guidelines such as word-count, image specifications, submission instructions, etc.
  4. After my post is published on your blog, I will write a short preview post on my blog linking my readers to your blog.


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